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3 signs that it’s time for a roof restoration

Roof Restoration | Gold Coast | 3 signs that it’s time for a roof restoration

3 signs that it’s time for a roof restoration

So, you’ve got an aging tile roof, but you’re not sure whether you just need some repairs or a full roof restoration. If you are struggling to tell what you need, check out this list of five signs to look out for from the team at D&L Roofing.

Visible damage from the inside

Go up to your attic or roof cavity and look at your roof from the inside. If you see dark spots, or trails that may mean your roof is leaking or suffering water damage. Be on the lookout for signs of mould or mildew as this may also indicate that your roof is compromised. Also look for signs of light coming through the roof as this means you have missing tiles or holes in your roof.

Visible damage from the inside

Look for any worn or loose roof tiles and check your roof valleys for signs of wear. Also check the state of your gutters and downpipes for signs of damage and rust. While roof tiles can be repaired, if your roof is over 20 years old, you may be better off opting for a full roof restoration to avoid constant repair costs.

Worn roof pointing or bedding

Roof pointing refers to the raised capping tiles that sit along the ridge top and the hips that cover the sides and corners of your roof. Roof bedding is the cement that holds these capping tiles in place. Overtime your roof points can become damaged and your bedding can shift and crack, loosening the capping tiles. Again, you may be able to fix these issues with repairs, but if the damage is severe you might want to consider a roof restoration.

Still not sure if your Gold Coast or Brisbane home needs a roof restoration? Call the team at D&L Roofing. We can provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection to determine whether you need repairs or a complete roof restoration.


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