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Insurance Repairs

Need insurance repairs for your Gold Coast or Brisbane home?

When disaster strikes it’s important to know whether your insurance policy covers unpreventable roof damage. Homeowner insurance differs policy to policy, so it’s important to know where you stand before commencing any roof repairs. To find out if your roof is covered, contact your insurance provider directly.

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If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we recommend taking ‘before’ pictures of your roof. You should update these photos after any maintenance or repairs to keep a record of your roof’s repair history. That way, if disaster strikes, you can then take ‘after’ photos to show your provider and prove your claim. Remember to keep track of all invoices and costs involved in the roof repair process, as this will make the claim process a lot easier.

We offer quality roof repair services for insured Brisbane and Gold Coast homes

We have experience conducting insurance roof repairs and can fix damage resulting from vandalism, storms and natural disasters. We can access the damage done to your roof and suggest necessary repairs. So, if you have a tile roof that needs fixing, our friendly team is here to help!

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