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Roof Re-Clipping

Are your roof tiles loose or damaged? You need roof re-clipping

If you’ve got a tile roof that’s leaky, or over 15 years old, there’s good chance your tile clips are the culprit. Most Brisbane and Gold Coast homes, are fitted with the old nail style roof tile clips that are prone to debris build up, leaks and blocked water courses.

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Roof tile clips sit on the water course side of each roof tile (where the tile overlaps with another) and help to keep your roof tiles in place. If your roof tile clips are nail style, then it’s highly likely at some stage they will cause leaks and leave spots on your ceiling.

If your ceiling has patches of black mould, water stains, or holes, then there is a good chance you need roof re-clipping. This process removes the existing clips and replaces them with more resilient, spring style clips, that prevent blockages and leaks.

Start your Gold Coast or Brisbane roof restoration with roof re-clipping

If you’re planning a roof restoration, then it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected. A roof inspection will reveal what style roof clips you have and if they need replacing. D&L Roofing specialises in roof re-clipping and repairs in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area. So, if you think your roof needs repairing, contact us today. We offer free quotes for all our services.

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