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Don’t DIY: Why you should invest in professional roof re-pointing

Roof Restoration | Gold Coast | Don’t DIY: Why you should invest in professional roof re-pointing

Don’t DIY: Why you should invest in professional roof re-pointing

Roof re-pointing refers to the replacement of capping tiles that sit along the ridge top and hips of your roof. As your roof pointing ages it can become damaged and the bedding (cement) that holds them in place can begin to deteriorate. Worn out roof pointing can lead to roof leaks (due to inadequate run off) and compromise the overall structural integrity of your roof.
While you may be tempted to save costs and do your own roof re-pointing, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. Here are just some of the reasons you should avoid DIY roof re-pointing.

Safety risks

Working on roofs is always dangerous, especially if you are professionally trained. Professional roofers are trained to work at heights and undergo continual training with scaffolding. While minor work on roofs is not considered construction work, it still carries all the same risks. Instead of risking a fall, call in the experts.

Unsuitable materials

The main reason roofs require roof re-pointing is because of inflexible or poor-quality capping tiles. Over the years your home and roof tiles expand and contract, especially on the Gold Coast where we experience extreme weather conditions. Unlike DIYers, professional roofers use flexible, sealing products and high-quality capping tiles to protect your home from water and debris, while extending the life of your roof.

Insurance voiding

Your roof is your first line of defence against the elements, so you need to make sure it stays in great condition. A poor roof re-pointing job not only risks the roof above your head, but it could void your insurance cover. To play it safe, you should always hire a professional for all roofing repairs.

Unforeseen costs

While you may think that taking on your own roof re-pointing will be cheaper, it may not be the case. Not only do you have to purchase your own capping tiles and bedding materials, you will also need to invest in work boots and safety equipment such as a hard hat and support harness. If you hire a professional roofer all these things are included in their services.
Looking for professional roof re-pointing for you home? Call D&L Roofing today. Our team specialise in roof re-pointing and roof restoration work in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We also offer a 10-year guarantee on all our roof re-pointing jobs.


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